Trust Your Wings & Fly

Gabriele Raine - Busay

When I was a young girl, a wise woman who worked for Cathay Pacific (over 33 years) told me,

the sky is the limit

at the time, I could not make sense of what she meant; but as I grew I discovered the understanding.

There is no limit to your potential. If you want something, you must align yourself to it; mentally, emotionally, physically, and even, spiritually. Through the experiences you have throughout your lifetime, accept your mistakes and embrace learning to correct them. Face the future preparing yourself in the present and over time, the past will fade into memories that make you who you are.

Trust the wings you are born with and you will fly.

Gabriele Raine Busay DSC_0216

Similarly, my mother emphasised to me growing up,

“Only if you want something so badly, and work for it; what you desire can become yours,

Whatever it is you desire, invest your time into learning more; develop your potentials, harness your skills and practise. If you cannot be perfect, at least you can be precise. Thus, practise for precision.

There have been moments throughout my growth where these ideal helped push me to achieving my goals. What kept me on track was taping post-it notes on my walls. I would stare and read them every day. Also, having supportive family and friends make the journey worthwhile.

Remember that you cannot please every one, but as long as you are happy and your actions are contributing something positive, go for it! No one can predict the future,  especially yours. So do not beat yourself up if certain plans do not unfold 100% as you expect. If you come close, then you’re lucky!

Otherwise, be (boy or) girl-scout prepared for the unpredictable and serendipitous moments. Life will mesmerise you with beauty and even for bad moments, stay optimistic.

Ride that rough tide with your head held high and keep in mind, that the greatest treasure you gain from the time you invest is knowledge. Pass on your wisdom to the young blood and hope for a bright future ahead. We all age but your memories will keep you young.

Better to age trying something you love, than to live in fear of what could have been.

From my experience competing in a pageant and reigning back in October 2015 – 2016, I came across literature that helped guide me.

Literature I recommend

For more, take a look at my Goodreads Bookshelf on Spirituality + Psychology.

May universal peace flow upon your path.


Good Luck on your Journey.

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