IB Visual Arts HL


My IB Visual Arts Exhibit 2015

On my junior and senior year of high school, I pursued the International Baccalaureate‘s Higher Level Visual Arts Programme. The following artworks were created between 2013 – 2015.

If you’re interested in learning more about my art study and concept development, feel free to leave a comment. To see more of my work, click here #RaineBaljakArt.

~ ••• ~

The Luminous Giant | Metal Wire & Series Lights
12 x 17 inches

Celestial Polygon | Acrylic on wood
2 x 2 x 2 metre


“In the past, people believed the Gods lived up in space. In the present, we use technology to understand and explore what is in outer space. In the future, we could live in other space.”

Mother Nature + Space Man | Oil on Canvas


Baljak’s Māori Surfboard  | Marker on Wood
5 feet x 20 inches


The beauty of Māori culture is that it believes in passing on traditions while adding pieces of yourself. This piece contains traditional Māori tattoo patterns while adding patterns that depict me.

Guitara de Sugbo | Acrylic on ukulele wood

Enchanted | Watercolour

Freedom Fighters
Charcoal, Acrylic Emulsion on Inked Paper and wood
24 inches in radius, 48 inches top to bottom


A piece I created to honour the selfless people who’s efforts have impacted society in ways which has bettered the life for humanity.

Biodiversity | Ink and Watercolour
( 7 piece series )
12 x 12 inches

Luminous Life | Metal Wire and Series Light

Wondrous World | Mixed Media
12 inches

~ ••• ~


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