Mabuhay Magazine 2012

Dear Young Readers,

We all begin naïve and unexperienced in the world. Some situations can be strange, unfamiliar and sometimes scary; but to have the guidance, opinion and company of a mother can become the most relieving, and fun experience. Especially when my mum joint me for my first print-ad exposure when I was 15.

Today (May 25th 2017), we celebrate the photographer, Erwin T. Lim‘s birthday. Who has photographed the both of us throughout our modelling careers. Live, laugh and be merry; cheers to more years Erwin!

Here’s a throwback to our early work.

The Shangri-La Resort and Spa Mactan feature photographed by Erwin Lim for Philippine Airline’s Mabuhay Magazine November 2012 Issue.

To read the article, click here and look for page 76-77 (actual print, page 75).


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